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This site is dedicated to the students & teachers of the four Newham Secondary schools I taught in before my official retirement (on health grounds) in 2004! They were - South East Ham Secondary School for Boys (1969-72) which became Brampton Manor (1972-80); Cumberland School (1980-83); and finally, Lister Community School (1983-2003).

These were amongst the best years in my life!

New song, (composed by my friend, Johnny Gale), coming soon! It will feature Richie Strockl who is the lead singer of this excellent band - Two Bob Short - Here’s a movie with highlights from one of their recent gigs!

Old Reel-to-reel tape recording of Marsha Hunt interviewing me on Capital Radio c. 1973!  Click on the image of the speaker to hear the interview!  (Apologies for slightly poor quality)!

I am so pleased to announce that, in the new year, the choir in Parkside School, Walthamstow, will sing and record a completely new version of “Join Hands” with great singer, Billy Hardwicke.

To hear the original recording, click below!

My interview by Marsha Hunt.mp3 My interview by Marsha Hunt.mp3

If you would like to hear the three songs my band “Clam” performed live on Capital Radio, click here!

The songs are:

Lord of Sin (composed and sung by Dave Roper)

Louisiana Blues (sung by Lead Guitarist Bob Tibbetts)

Good Advice (composed and sung by Dave Roper)

Billy Hardwick

ft Christchurch School Choir (Ilford, Essex)


“Join Hands”

(Composed by Dave.

Recorded at Christchurch School, Ilford & Redave Studios)