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Paul was a great friend and teaching colleague of mine for many years.

Unfortunately  he passed away  at the end of May 2017. He will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

Feel free to download the whole album and keep for yourself.

All songs feature Paul singing with additional vocals by Frazer & Caitlin Downie, Lorraine Fairman and Maggie Ball. All songs were composed by me and recorded at Redave Studios in 2004, except “Alcohol” which was composed by Johnny Gale and recorded in 2017.

1. Alcohol

2. How D’You Feel?

3. Fight

4. Passion

5. It’s a Dream

6. The Dream

7. Turn Around

8. Stay

9. Free Again

10. If We Could Start Again

Paul McDonough Tribute Album

Original songs featuring Paul recorded at Redave Studios

All songs are in .wav format so you can download them & put them on your own cd.