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Dave’s “No More Stress”  page Free Confidential Counselling!

Sexism   Even though, at last, many companies & businesses are paying men and women an equal amount for doing the same job, there are still more men in higher paid jobs than women! We must continue to fight for equality!

Love & Attraction   “Love” is a generic term for our emotional attachment to anyone or anything eg a pet cat, your parent or partner etc. “Attraction” is usually about our sexual attraction to someone. It is often mistaken for “love” at the start of a relationship!

Poverty & Inequality  There are many examples of this across the world! Did you know it is estimated that in the UK, about one in five people live in poverty if their housing costs are included! According to the latest figures, 4,751 people are estimated to be sleeping rough on any one night, and since 2010, rough sleeping estimates show an increase of 169%! The main cause would appear to be housing rents increasing so much!

Indoctrination  We are easily indoctrinated from the day we are born - by our parents, our local environment, our religion, our friends, what we read in magazines, books or see on tv (eg adverts) or the internet! Some indoctrination can be extremely dangerous!

Who Are You.mp3

“Who Are You?” (2010) sung by Dave

06 Just A Woman.mp3

“Just a Woman” (1983) - Head Waiter Practice Tape 4

11 Love Can Die.mp3

“Love Can Die” (1983) - Head Waiter Practice Tape 4


“Tramp” c1972 from the album “Zeus - Live at the Prince of Wales”

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The Very Rich & Tax Avoidance Did you know that the UK is the world’s best tax haven? This is because of the UK islands - Cayman Islands, Isle of Man & Jersey!

That’s why I am in favour of a “peaceful revolution” across the world to bring back justice for the homeless, refugees and the poor!

Support & Help  I am a fully-qualified Counsellor and over many years have helped many people, including children, completely free-of-charge. If you are depressed or feeling down, and can travel to me in North East London, do contact me via my “No More Stress” Facebook page or email me at redave@supanet.com (see “Contact” next page).

10. Generation X.mp3

“Generation X” c.2009 from Dave’s album “The Meaning of Life”

Dave’s “Bring On The Revolution” Group on Facebook Dave’s “No More Stress”  page Free Confidential Counselling!

Dave’s Albums

The Meaning of Life (2010)

Asking Questions of the Moon (2014)

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