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Dave’s Musicals

Over many years I have written or directed plays and musicals in the schools I taught in.

When I produced “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 1973, it had just started showing in the West End, so I wrote to the producer and got permission to do two showings of it at Brampton Manor school!

“Chess Game” c.1981, believe it or not, was actually written by me before the musical by Andrew Lloyd-Webber & Time Rice had even appeared in the West End! Unfortunately, The original tape recording of students at Cumberland School in Plaistow has been damaged beyond repair. However, below are some excerpts of the songs which I wrote as sung by students at Cumberland.

“Karen” (a 1999 production about  The Carpenters) & “Resurrection” were Lister School productions.

“Chess Game” at Cumberland School (c. 1982)

“Jesus Christ Superstar” at Brampton Manor School in Newham

“Karen”  (at Lister Community School 1999)

Here is the original “Resurrection” program at Lister School!

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Have a look/listen to the “Karen” songs featuring Catia Magalhaes & Nadine Wright

Or take a look at the Final scene shown below

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