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The Dream

Is This Really Britain

The Story/Plot of Both Musicals

“The Dream”, which later became “Is This Really Britain?” (but with many different songs), is a musical drama about two young friends, Zahid and Doug. Zahid is a singer in a band called “Shame Culture” who wants to bring on a peaceful revolution in Britain with Sophie, (his girlfriend and singer in “Shame Culture”). Soon they are arrested and imprisoned for “inciting a riot”.

Meanwhile, Doug has become a soldier fighting in Iraq and falls in love with Rohima, the daughter of Mr Khan (a Muslim leader) whom he was protecting from extremists. His life is in danger.

Doug and Rohima eventually marry in Britain and her family comes to live in Britain. Meanwhile Zahid and Sophie are released from prison and all seems well until the very end!

My many thanks go to the amazing people who assisted in the making of these two musicals.

Paul McDonough, Frazer, Kay and Caitlin Downie, Lorraine Fairman and Maggie Ball, all sang on “The Dream” (2004) tracks and Alan Harris played the drums on five tracks.

Apart from myself, the singers in “Is This Really Britain” (2007) were all students from Canon Palmer school, Ilford at that time. My special thanks go to

Omari Ramsay plays and sings the character Zahid who becomes a hip-hop star with his girlfriend, Sophie, in the duo “Shame Culture”.

Marcus Brown raps/sings the character, Doug, (Zahid’s best friend from school), who joins the army and is sent to the Middle East..

Chinazam Nwokonkor plays and sings the character, Sophie, (Zahid’s girlfriend and a member of “Shame Culture”).

Joanne Okonkwo sings the character Rohima.

Mary Ayinde raps in “How D’Ya Feel?” and sings in the chorus. She also plays the character Rohima in the narrated summary.

Ishma Adams plays the characters Doug and Mr Sharif in the narrated summary.

If you would like to put on stage either musical, please get in touch. I have both scripts and lyrics of all songs.

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